How to Really Love an Old Guy

The Cassia Life

In a few words, be present and attentive. In other words, be there, constantly and faithfully. To really love an old guy, love so that he knows it. In any emotion-based endeavor, long-lasting support is love from the heart. READ MORE

The Move of a Lifetime

Older and Wiser

Relocation for Older Adults often presents a unique set of circumstances. For the past 18 years, my husband and I have owned and operated a senior move management company which has been coordinating moves for… READ MORE

Special Power in Senior Vote

The Cassia Life

One person, one vote. It’s the way we conduct elections here in the USA, and perhaps the way it should be everywhere. One vote per person probably comes as close as a system can in delivering equal impact per person. READ MORE

Finding Joy, Nowadays

The Cassia Life

It’s not likely to come to us by surprise—a calming, sustainable feeling of joy, of happiness, in our topsy-turvy world. Most likely you and I need to discover our brand of joy for ourselves, in some out-of-the-way place. It could be hidden right under our noses. READ MORE

Let’s Talk About Something Else

The Cassia Life

What’s missing from this list of news headlines and headline fragments? Take one guess and my bet is you will have the answer. It’s pandemic or coronavirus or Covid-19. The idea here is that maybe it’s time to give our attention a break, focus briefly on other matters. How refreshing for once perhaps to hear or read about something other than the pandemic. READ MORE