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Brenna Westerberg

The Face of Cassia

Brenna is employed as a certified nursing assistant and trained medication assistant at Augustana Care Moose Lake Health and Rehabilitation. However, her title should be power-lifter. She has a solution-based way of solving problems that focuses… READ MORE

Laurie Welz

The Face of Cassia

Home Health Assistant, Laurie Welz – Bryant House Assisted Living Laurie has worked for Haven Homes and then Bryant House Assisted Living for 15 years. She regularly plans her day around residents’ needs and schedules.… READ MORE

Denice Ward

The Face of Cassia

Newton Village Assisted Living  –  Newton, Iowa Denice Ward has been with Newton Village Assisted Living for over fifteen years. Not only is she truly the face of caring, but she is the face of… READ MORE

Tarajee Wilson

The Face of Cassia

Tarajee Wilson has worked as a licensed practical nurse at Augustana Care Moose Lake Health Care Center for the past three years. She co-chaired the Alzheimer’s fundraiser project and raised more than $2,000. Tarajee’s commitment… READ MORE

Karla Kulseth

The Face of Cassia

Meet Care Coordinator Karla Kulseth, Lakeside Apartments and Assisted Living Karla has been a Lakeside campus staff member for 10 years. She has worked as a certified nursing assistant and a trained medication assistant Lakeside… READ MORE

Heather Vickerman and Bear

The Face of Cassia

Health Unit Coordinator Heather Vickerman is the first person you’ll see when you come through the door at Cassia’s Haven Homes in Maple Plain. In addition to welcoming people to the community, Heather answers the… READ MORE

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