The Face of Cassia

Nursing Assistant Karen Swenson

Face of Caring – Nursing Assistants Week – June 2021

Between June 17 and 24, we at Cassia are celebrating National Nursing Assistants Week in honor of all the excellent nursing assistants who help those we serve. We want to introduce one of our nursing assistants so you can get to know her. Karen Swenson has worked the PM shift from 3 to 11 p.m. for 13 years at the Milaca Elim Meadows health care center.

“She is one of the most kind hearted caregivers I know,” says Director of Nursing Elaine Johnson. “She serves and lives Cassia’s mission and values. Karen is very dedicated to the residents she cares for and to her coworkers. She will never let anyone down. Her husband works out of state for long periods of time, so she does not see him daily. When he is going to be home for a few days, she apologetically ask for an evening off so she can see him. At the same time, she always makes sure residents are getting the care they need, when they need it.”

“Life is short,” says Karen. “We spend most of our life going to work and spending time away from our families. I was raised in a large family and we were taught to be proud of a job well done. I love my job and enjoy working with a great team of nursing assistants and nurses. “

Thank you, Karen, for choosing to work at Milaca Elim Meadows!