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Older Adults work with Students at Augustana Open Circle to Create Music, Photography and Art: an Intergenerational Story at Augustana Open Circle Featured on Channel 9

Accomplished musician Cornbread Harris worked with producer Medium Zach and other musicians to bridge the generation gap between older adults and students and create unique musical pieces this spring. The project was featured on Channel 9 news.

Have you ever stopped to think about who you talk to in the course of a day? Most of us tend to stick with the people we know, or have known most of our lives. If people become old or acquire conditions like Alzheimer’s, do they remain part of your circle? Chances are, they don’t. That’s why staff at Augustana Open Circle  want to bring generations together. Their commitment to ripping away stereotypes turned into a special program in 2017, with accomplished musician Cornbread Harris  and producer Medium Zach. It was created in partnership between Open Circle, Intermedia Arts, Urban Strategies and Green Garden Bakery. Program workshops offer opportunities to create musical pieces in March, combine photography and writing later this spring and create aerosol art in summer. View Channel 9’s broadcast to learn more. To learn more about the program or the Augustana Open Circle community, call Open Circle Adult Day Services at 612-843-4940.