Older and Wiser

Are You Ready for Assisted Living?

Do you wish you or a loved one had more help around the house? Are you or a loved one feeling overwhelmed by tasks that need to be done to maintain your home?

What about personal tasks, such as dressing or help with keeping track of medications? If any of the concerns mentioned here are your concerns, or those of a family member, it may be time to consider moving to an assisted living community.

What is assisted living?

Simply put, assisted living is very similar to living independently—with a little help when you need it. Possibilities range from assistance with bathing or dressing to tracking or taking medications. Before you or your loved ones make a decision to move to assisted living, you’ll want to answer the following questions:

  • When is it time to start thinking about assisted living? What kind of issues would occur that signal it could be time to move to a community that serves older adults?
  • What are your needs (or a loved one’s needs)? What types of services would be the best fit?
  • Are you or a loved one having trouble cooking meals or driving to medical appointments?
  • Is it easy to socialize—or is that prevented by the inability to drive?
  • What is the cost of the services at assisted living communities? What is the monthly budget for you or a family member?

In addition to answering these questions, you’ll want to review medical history, current medications  and the safety of living environments for yourself or your loved one.

Figuring out answers to questions like these—and then choosing the right community—is never easy. Fortunately, there are social workers and other experts who can share their knowledge to help you make the best decision for you and those you love.

Decisions about moving or caring for a loved one can be difficult to navigate. At Cassia, (formerly Augustana Care and Elim Care), we are here to help. To learn more, please visit www.cassialife.org or contact us directly at communication@cassialife.org.